Louis Armstrong - The King of Jazz

Read the text and answer the questions:

Louis Armstrong was an American jazz singer. He was born in 1901 in New Orleans, Lousiana in the USA and died 1971 in New York. His family was very poor and as a boy he had different jobs. He sang in a boys’ quartet and later he learnt to play the cornet. Playing music quickly became his passion. As a teenager he learnt to play music by listening to the pioneer jazz artists of the day. Then he joined a jazz band where he met his first wife Lil Hardin. Later she encouraged him to go for a solo career.

During 1925 -1928 Armstrong created his most important earliest works and became the first great jazz soloist. He also learnt playing the trumpet and had the best technique of all his competitors. 

By the end of his career he produced a great number of recordings in which he showed his brilliant technique, his sense of harmony and his gift for creating vital melodies. Thanks to his incredible musical energy and genius Louis Armstrong made major innovations in jazz.

1.When was Louis Armstrong born?
2.Where was he born?
3.What musical instruments did he play?
4.What kind of music did he play?
5.Why was he a great musician?

Listen to the song and complete the missing words.

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Louis Armstrong
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What a wonderful world - Armstrong
What a wonderful world - Louis Armstrong
What a wonderful world - Armstrong
What a wonderful world - Louis Armstrong

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