How to Send a Postcard

You’re on a holiday or a summer camp. You want to send a small surprise to your family or friends to tell them how you’re spending your time and how you’re feeling. You can send them a lovely postcard with a view of the place you are at right now.

1. Get the address of the person you want to send a postcard.
2. Choose a beautiful postcard and buy a stamp.
3. Write the text of the postcard.


Free English Lessons: How to Send a Postcard?

4. Write the address.
5. Stick the stamp.
6. Go to the post office and put the postcard in the mailbox.

What happens next?

The mail carriers collect all the postcards and letters from the mail boxes around the town. The mail travels to different places. When it arrives, the post office workers separate the letters and postcards according to the addresses. Then the mail carrier that delivers post for the neighbourhood will put the postcard in your friend’s or family’s mail box. When the receiver opens the mailbox they will see the postcard. They’ll read it and will be very happy to hear from you. They may keep the postcard as a souvenir and look at it from time to time.

Free English Lessons: How to Send a Postcard?