Tiger Territory

At San Diego Zoo Safari Park, you can see lots of amazing animals in beautiful surroundings. The Tiger Trail is a popular attraction for visitors who want to see Sumatran tigers: you can look through huge glass windows and watch the Sumatran tigers playing and enjoying their habitat. The safari park has lots of trees and plants for the tigers to hide in and it has lots of things for the tigers to do.
Tigers are beautiful, powerful animals. They can run fast, so they need lots of space. The Tiger Trail habitat is huge, so the tigers have lots of space to run. Tigers are very good at climbing trees, too. They like lying on branches because they can see a lot from the branches of tall trees. At the Tiger Trail, there are lots of rocks and tall trees for the tigers to climb.
You can look up through the glass and see a huge tiger looking down at you!
Tigers are members of the cat family. Cats usually hate water, but tigers love it! They are very good swimmers. At the Tiger Trail, there are pools for the tigers to play in. You can watch them playing and swimming in the water. When they are tired, they can relax in the long grass or in special dens.
Sumatran tigers are an endangered species. There are only about 400 Sumatran tigers left in the world. They live in forests in Sumatra, Indonesia. People are destroying the forests because they want the land for farming. As a result, many Sumatran tigers don’t have a place to live. San Diego Zoo wants to protect Sumatran tigers in the safari park and in the wild. They want people to learn about tigers and try to help them.

/the text is taken from Family and Friends 3 coursebook published by OUP/

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